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Who are we?


The French dairy interbranch organisation (CNIEL) decided to contribute to the preservation and the diffusion of the dairy genetic inheritance in financially supporting the network of French Collections of Microorganisms of dairy interest, under the acronym Resomil. The network consisted of 17 members including public establishments, technical centers, private dairy companies, as well as representatives of the industry and of institutions concerned by biological resources.

The animation of this network was managed by Actalia (2000-2015).


The FranceMIL collection, currently available, is the result of years of work of Resomil, but it is also the result of the efforts still made by the CNIEL for the maintenance and characterization of this unique collection of microorganisms of dairy interest.


The CNIEL holds 3 collections of microorganisms composed of about 1000 bacterial strains of dairy interest and 156 bacteriophages of lactic acid bacteria.


This microbiological resource, which is stored at Actalia (Dairy Microbiology Unit) under certification ISO9001:2015, can be used:

  • To innovate, improve or complete your starter rotations with a wide choice of strains from the collection "Biodiversity";
  • To test the resistance of your starters with the collection "Phages";
  • To compare your results using already described strains from collection "Reference";
  • For R&D reasearch, experiments, ...



For further information, please contact Sarah CHUZEVILLE (Actalia).