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The French dairy interbranch organisation (CNIEL) contributes to the preservation and the diffusion of the dairy genetic inheritance in financially supporting the network of French Collections of Microorganisms of dairy interest, under the acronym Résomil. The animation of this network has been managed by Actalia Dairy Products since its creation, at the end of the year 2000.



The network consists at present of 17 members including public establishments, technical centers, private dairy companies, as well as representatives of the industry and of institutions concerned by biological resources.


The main purposes of the Résomil network are :

-        to improve the management and the preservation of microbial collections,

-        to improve the development and the exchanges of knowledge between partners and associates,

-        to standardize methods for typing the biological resources,

-        to diffuse the main results within the scientific community and the dairy industry.


For further information about the Résomil network, please contact Sarah CHUZEVILLE (Actalia Dairy Products).