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07/05/2019A new phage of Leuconostoc in FranceMIL!

Following the Lysoplus project (ANR financing and CNIEL co-financing), the phage PLE001 attacking Leuconostoc mesenteroides has been integrated into FranceMIL's bacteriophage collection since the beginning of 2019.
  • The phage PLE001 was isolated in 2017 from a whey resulting from dairy products process in France. This transformation included the use of at least one commercial strain of Leuconostoc mesenteroides.
  • PLE001 is virulent against approximately 10% of Leuconostoc mesenteroides strains from the FranceMIL collection.
  • PLE001 can be used both to test the resistance of your strains of Leuconostoc mesenteroides and as a positive control for bacteriophage research in your samples.