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Reference Collection


The Reference collection was created as part of Resomil with the support of the Foundation for Research on Biodiversity (FRB).


Its aim is to preserve in the long term and to make accessible representative microorganisms of the various taxonomic groups of dairy interest: bacteria, yeasts, filamentous fungi and spoilage microorganisms with the exception of pathogenic microorganisms. These diversified microorganisms were isolated from milk and dairy products originating from the French territory.


The Reference collection is composed of microorganisms:

  • Presenting a taxonomic and/or functional interest and used in works which have been the subject of a scientific publication,
  • Used as reference strains for characterization method,
  • Having an heritage value (diversity, specificity …).


The strains deposited in the Reference collection originate exclusively from collections of organizations that participated in Resomil.


The accessibility includes the biological material as well as the data which are linked to it (passport data such as biotope, year of isolation, bibliographic references, genomic sequences…).


The provision is limited to educational and research purposes only, excluding the industrial or commercial exploitation. Upon diffusion, a Material Transfer Agreement will be signed between the Recipient and the Curator-Supplier or the Depositor of the strain.


Composition of the collection (126 strains) :

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