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Biodiversity Collection

The Biodiversity collection held by The French dairy interbranch organisation (CNIEL) is composed of many microorganisms isolated from milk and dairy products of various geographical origins. This collection has grown over the years with the isolation of new strains during research programs and with the data acquisition of news strains during campaign to save neglected collections. 


All bacterial strains listed in the figure below were purified and identified. The reliability of the identification dependes on the used methods and will be refined accordingly with advances in identification methods and the amount of studies carried out on the collection.


The diffusion of the collection is opened to research centers and industrials for research and technical works, excluding the commercial or industrial exploitation. Upon diffusion of the collection, a Material Transfer Agreement will be signed between the Recipient and the CNIEL, depositor of the collection.

If the recipient wishes to use a strain commercially or industrially, a specific contract will be drafted with the CNIEL.


The collection is administrated, preserved and provided by Actalia Dairy Products under ISO9001 certification.


To place an order of more than 10 bacterial strains, please contact Sarah Chuzeville (Actalia Dairy Products).

Composition of the collection :

As of oday, the collection is composed of 594 strains including :

  • Lactobacillus : 263 strains
  • Lactococcus : 81 strains
  • Leuconostoc : 56 strains
  • Enterococcus : 71 strains
  • Streptococcus : 115 strains
  • Pediococcus : 8 strains

After confirmation of the identity, all strains from the Biodiversity collection will be available for purchase.

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