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Since the launch of the FranceMIL collection the June 1st, 2015, the Biodiversity collection grew rich of 81 strains

As of today, the collection is composed of 594 strains including :

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Launch of the FranceMIL collection

This collection put at the disposal of the professionals and the scientific community gathers 3 collections :

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42 rue du Châteaudun

75314 PARIS Cedex 9


FranceMIL is the French National Collection of microbial genetic resources of dairy interest

Reference Collection

Collection composed of 126 strains of dairy origin


 Strains quoted in scientific publications or used as reference for characterization or having an heritage value (diversity, originality...)

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Biodiversity Collection

Collection provided by the French dairy interbranch organisation (CNIEL)


 Diversified resources isolated from milk and dairy products of various geographical origins

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Bacteriophage Collection

Unique collection of lactic bacteriophages

Provided by the French dairy interbranch organisation (CNIEL)

 Bacteriophages of Lactococcus and Streptococcus strains

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